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Sassy Strawberry Society

We created a collectible to have fun and make a difference. Sassy Strawberry Society is a unique digital collection of luscious NFTs.  Each one is affectionately designed, specially picked, sweet berry bliss.

The NFT Collection

10,101 Unique Digital Strawberries

Price: ETH

Reveal: Instant

Presale: 48 Hours

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: Myria & Opensea




Artistic Elements


Element Variations


Possible Pieces


Sassy Strawberries


Each Sassy Strawberry is uniquely comprised of five elements. Each element has multiple variations, some of which are more rare than others. A sixth element is the artistic license inherent in every variation of each element. A Sassy Strawberry's value may be influenced by rarer variations of elements.

Elements Image


Each Sassy Strawberry is algorithmically created from 172 random variations. Basically, you take a whole lot of creative excellence, you run it through some cool code, and out pops a punnet of happiness! You never know who you’re going to get but we gathered up the most epic ones for you.

Back: 25
Base: 28
Gear: 37
Mouth: 40
Eyes: 42
Sassiness: 100%


TeamSome sweet n' sassy strawberries

Team Member Picture

Fraises a L'Imperatrice

Empress Strawberry
Team Member Picture

Strawberry Napoleons

The Alchemist
Team Member Picture

Fragola Pazzo

Crazy Strawberry
Team Member Picture

Strawberry Sundae

Cool Strawberry
Team Member Picture

Strawberry Daiquiri

Digital Artist
Team Member Picture

Strawberry Delight

Digital Painter


It is an NFT collection of 10,101 unique, code-generated, digital Sassy Strawberries. Each piece is affectionately designed, specially picked, sweet berry bliss on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Sassy Strawberries can be randomly minted on our site or individually selected on Myria. Myria NFTs grant their lucky holders ongoing utility in the Myria ecosystem. Follow us on Discord or Twitter for updates.

On our site, the mint price is ETH 0.08 + gas fee and each transaction is limited to 10 NFTs. On Myria, the price is ETH 0.15 with zero gas fees and unlimited transactions. Myria NFTs grant their lucky holders ongoing utility in the Myria ecosystem.

Click here to join the whitelist and get early access to our NFTs.

Share the referral link with your friends. When they join the whitelist, you’ll be bumped up the leaderboard for earlier access to the NFT.

Sassy Strawberries are revealed instantly on Opensea and Myria.

Each element was hand drawn by our fabulous artists and then composited using code to produce 10,101 awesome pieces of art from over 250 million possible combinations.

Yes. Each Sassy Strawberry is comprised of a random set of elements. The variations of elements have different scarcities, making some combinations more rare and valuable than others. Once sold out, you'll be able to see how special your Sassy Strawberries are on Rarity Tools.

We hope you like our work and we're grateful for your support. We have good ideas but won't promise anything until we can deliver. But imagine telling people how you bought this silly Sassy Strawberry and it's now really popular. Ultimately, you will decide the fate of Sassy Strawberry Society. Feel free to tell us what you'd like on Discord.

It's a cool NFT collectible to which you have full creative and commercial rights, and it helps support education, developers and artists. We're hoping people will love it as much as they do real strawberries, which isn't even a real berry.

Yes. We support non-profit organizations, like the startup Africa4Code, training young software developers in Africa.

Yes. Royalties are 7.5% on Opensea and 5% on Myria.

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